The Effects of High-Sugar Diet for Health

We cannot deny that high amount of sugar in our diets is not healthy.  A recent study from Britain has obtained the fact that sugar is the main cause of tooth decay in kids and adults. The finding involves all the type sugars in our diets, particularly those added to food (and beverages) by manufacturers, also the sugars contained naturally in honey, fruit juices, syrups, and fruit extract.
The researchers strengthen their findings with epidemiology in association with sugar consumption with tooth decay across the world. In fact, during the period of World War II, the case of tooth decay in Japan was highly reduced, but it is raised after the war when sugar imported again to the country. The researchers also showed that only 2 percent of people in Nigeria have tooth decay since the diets only contain small amounts of sugar. It is surprising compared to 93 percent of the people living in the US.
Therefore, to overcome this serious problem, the researchers from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine University College London suggested reducing the amount of sugar in the diet down to less than 3 percent of total calories. For example, you will only have 60 percent calorie from sugar on your 2000 calorie daily diet. Recent info from the World Health Organization recommends a max of 10 percent of total calories from sugar with the ideal of half the amount, which is five percent.

Furthermore, apart from its harmful effect on teeth, sugar also has a bad impact on our health in general. Diet with high sugar amounts may affect women, to have yeast infections, which may cause some symptoms of asthma and arthritis disease and increase triglyceride levels in body. Moreover, people who are genetically set to form insulin resistance, high sugar diets may cause overweight and high blood pressure that may double the risks of having diabetes. Our body does not need foods made with high amounts of sugar. Lowering sugar calorie back to 3 percent of total calories is not easy, but it would be worth the effort to protect your teeth and the rest of your body.

The Effects Of High Sugar Diet For Health
The Effects Of High Sugar Diet For Health

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