The Bad Effects of Diet Soda

Diet sodas was introduced in the mid of the twentieth century. After that, diet sodas seemed to be the best brand new thing in food. The purpose was that you could drink sodas without worrying about calories and weight gain. According to the University of Texas, 59 percent of American people who drank diet sodas daily hoping to lose weight. However, evidence shows diet sodas don’t help to lose weight. In fact, they increase the risk of obesity and may even be more harmful than regular sodas.

If you’re still drinking diet sodas, just read these facts to find out why you seriously need to stop. There are good reasons supported by research, why you should stop drinking diet sodas:

Weight gain.

People who drank diet sodas have higher risk to obesity than those who drank regular sodas. In each can of diet soda drank each day, the risk of overweight increased by 41 percent. In 10 years, people who consumed two or more diet sodas per day boosted their obesity risk by 500 percent.


Diet sodas change the microbes living in the gut in a way that increases the risk of diabetes. A recent study found that mice fed with artificial sweeteners grow glucose intolerance. They also found that those who regularly consume artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine, had heighten the levels of HbA1C, a blood sugar measure.

Heart Disease.

Recent studies from Columbia University found that drinking diet soda regularly for over 10 years heightened the risk of heart disease by 43 percent. Surprisingly, drinking regular soda didn’t affect the risk.

Here there are also tips to help you fight your soda addiction:

1. Try to unsweetened coffee and tea to reduce headaches and other symptoms caused by lack of caffeine.

2. Drink natural beverages. Juice and other fruit based beverages are good for you to provide natural nutrients.

3. Fresh water. It’s cheap and healthy at the same time. Fresh water is the best drink with no harmful risk. You can also add mint or lime to give flavor.

The Bad Effects Of Diet Soda
The Bad Effects Of Diet Soda

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