Some Symptoms of Liver Disease

Liver disease or liver beginning caused by fatty liver ( fatty liver ) , hepatitis , tumors , liver cirrhosis and cancer . Liver or liver is an organ of human body parts is very important because it is one of the organs that help the body’s other organs in digesting food and producing enzymes from broken or descriptions source of food consumed each day .

The human heart is estimated to have weighed about 2 kg equipped many of the functions and duties of the performance of the heart itself. Heart duty to regulate fat components derived from various types of food we eat every day, and regulate sugars and proteins found in the blood. In addition it is also obliged to destroy the liver and remove toxins or poisons from the blood which is then expelled through the feces. 
All components of the food substance consisting of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other nutrients are all absorbed by the intestine that previously processed first by the liver. Of the many sources of food consumed each day there that produces cholesterol in the form of vitamins, proteins to blood clotting substances. The liver also serve as a tool for detecting toxins to separate the blood, which then will be distributed to the bile and excreted by faeces.
When experiencing a liver disorder that stems from infection and other disorders will result in a disease called liver or liver disease . Liver disease or liver disease that is not easily overcome . Many patients who have disorders of the heart that requires them to continue to undergo regular treatment to reduce or eliminate symptoms of liver disorder . However, as a result many people after taking medication and medical drugs only recovered in some time later to reemerge .
When a person experiences a symptom of liver disease or liver , we can recognize the symptoms of liver disease or liver disease , among others :
1 . Individuals with impaired liver or liver will experience changes in skin color that is easily recognizable body . Skin and eyes will look like a yellowish color , and the circles under the eyes look darker skin that then many people call with jaundice .
2 . Issued Urine color changed to dark yellow or dark yellow with a pungent odor . Not only that it also resulted into non-current BAB . CHAPTER smooth and nice is every morning every day in order to update the latest nutrition and nutrition for the body .
3 . Some of them have decreased appetite even to loss of appetite which will then impact on weight loss drastically . Even those that have anemia ( lack of blood ) , stomach often feels nauseous , stomach feels bloated , full of gas and indigestion after eating .
4 . Not all people who have liver disease or liver disorders decreased appetite , because some of them are unisex impaired liver function have a normal appetite , but if there is someone with impaired liver function , then there is a sudden contraction of the heart , the stomach will bulge , when stomach feels hard pressed . This is due to liver swelling which then affect the heavy emphasis on the diaphragm which causes pain when breathing or sighing .
5 . Happened change body shape and appearance of the nails . Some women who undergo liver disorders seen from the shape of the curved fingernails and experience abnormal vaginal discharge . In this case , if women with impaired liver function .
6 . Liver disorders will also cause problems in skin damage , such as dry skin , itching , eczema , acne , psoriasis and others .
7 . Some are bleeding in the nose ( nosebleeds ) and bruise easily if bumped or dropped which indicates a lack of protein .
8 . Impaired liver function can also be caused by a lack of regular mineral water consumption and balanced so dehydrated organs including the liver . So patients with impaired liver function often feel excessive thirst and frequent urination . It is known that water is needed by the body to facilitate the body and organs in the body to digest food , get rid of toxins or toxins , helps the body to produce enzymes and all the greatest benefits of the consumption of water at least 8-10 glasses per day .
9 . Patients with liver disorders will often experience headaches , dizziness , seizures , and a sense of tired , weak , tired , lethargic and thus experience a feeling or mood changes such as easy to stress , irritability , and depression .
10 . Disease also lead to impaired liver function and body odor unpleasant mouth .

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