Lower the Risk of Prostate Cancer with Healthy Diet

It is not a secret if healthy diet can give someone healthy body. This logic also applies if you refer it to a part in your body; your diet needs to focus on specific parts. With recent times prostate cancer cases rise, men are concentrating more on their health. For men, if you think a plant and fruit diet is just for the ladies, you’re totally wrong, especially if when it comes to your prostate’s health. A recent dietary research from Spain shows that prostate cancer risk is lower in people who do Mediterranean diet style, which prefers more veggies than meat. It is utterly different from US diet style.
Let’s dig deep down and you’ll find out that even the veggies advice of Mediterranean diet is good, several evidences show that milk or other dairy products (in Mediterranean diet style) can also contribute to the prostate cancer risk. Well, now you can figure out a clearer way for prostate health that seems to indicate a plant-based diet. However, are there particular aspects of plant-based diet that are useful for the prostate health? Beets seem to offer such an advantage. It is proven that the extract of red beets has been useful to suppress the growth of prostate and breast cancer effectively.
Moreover, if you want to know the further advantage, it seems that betanin, which is the red pigment found in beets, also has beets’ power to combat the development of prostate cancer cells. In recent study, it is also shown that the betanin found in beet extract had the same kind of prostate cancer killing features as a well-known anticancer drug (adriamycin). Okay, beets alone obviously cannot turn someone’s health around in a blink of an eye, but it is a good start for a plant-based diet, especially for those who want healthy prostate.

Lower The Risk Of Prostate Cancer With Healthy Diet
Lower The Risk Of Prostate Cancer With Healthy Diet

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