Important Facts about Sleep Deficiency

Sleep is very vital activity to our health. Without adequate sleep, our brain’s ability would be quickly deteriorated. Our brain works harder to counter sleep deprivation effects, but in result, the brain would operate less effectively, causing memory loss and dropped concentration levels. Furthermore, the brain’s ability to solve problem is also impaired. In addition, insufficient sleep can also cause hallucinations and weaken decision-making ability.

Sleep and Aging
Around 50% of people ages over 64 years old suffer several types of sleep disorder. One of the most serious sleeping problems is the inability to get deep in restorative sleep.
Even they tend to sleep as much as when they were younger, the elderly do not experience the same quality of sleep, which means that they often suffer from fatigue and drowsiness.
The reason of this problem is that the elderly people don’t get as much REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is the deepest sleep phase.
Weight Changes
Immense weight changes, particularly weight gain, are common reasons of sleep deprivation since the quality of sleep is related to levels of hormone. Leptin hormone that affects feelings of fullness after a meal and ghrelin is the hormone that arouses appetites. When you are having sleep deprivation, the leptin levels in your body fall and ghrelin levels rise. It means that you will feel hungrier without really satisfied by your meal. It makes you eat more and gain more weight.
Building Sleep Environment
Create a sleep environment that is free from distractions is one of the most important aspects to get adequate sleep. Other than sleeping in comfortable surroundings, make sure that you get rid objects that stimulate your brain.
Other tips to getting nice sleep include:
Early work out: Intense work out later in the day gives too much stimulation in the evening.
Build consistency: Keep on track with regular schedule on weekdays and weekends to make your body get used of routines.
Relaxation Rituals: Perform relaxation rituals before sleep, such as drinking a cup of hot coffee or herbal tea.
Breakfast early: It will give your body time to digest the food.

Important Facts About Sleep Deficiency
Important Facts About Sleep Deficiency

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