How to Pick Best Supplement for Your Health

Getting sick on wasting money on supplements with no results? When it is about healthy food, particularly supplements—the phrase “You get what you pay” is oddly true. You put much effort for money and health, so it’s necessary if you invest them in quality supplements that work well to boost, restore and sustain your health. In this occasion, I would like to share some applicable ways to find and use best supplements. Here they are:

Take bio-available mineral supplement
Citrate or aspartate is only bio-available kind of minerals that can be absorbed by human body pretty well. Bad supplements often contain carbonate or sulfate, that are hard to break down by your body.
Stay away from fillers and artificial ingredients
Fillers are kinds of substances added by manufacturers to facilitate their production, save more money, make pills easier to be swallowed, and add color so they looks aesthetically interesting. Believe me; they don’t bring any good effect for your health. In fact, they could even be dangerous. Also, do not take supplements that contain moderately hydrogenated soybean oils and artificial colors.
Avoid supplements with artificial sugars or dyes
Artificial sugars are often included into supplements to give a nice taste; moreover, dyes make supplements (especially for children) more attractive and interesting. You can pick some supplements that contain only small amounts of natural sugars, that don’t give harmful risk to your body.
Combine some supplements for effective absorption
Some supplements can work better together if you combine them. For example, take with calcium and magnesium with vitamin D3 to improve absorption. Take Vitamin C to enhance iron absorption. Moreover, you can take iodine and selenium for improved absorption of the iodine.
Don’t force your body with many supplements all at once

If you take many supplements in a day, take them in different hours so your body has sufficient energy to process them and ensuring the supplements doesn’t become excreted in urine.

How To Pick Best Supplement For Your Health
How To Pick Best Supplement For Your Health

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