Fact, The cause of Whitish

 In fact vaginal discharge in women is commonplace for not accompanied by certain symptoms that indicate deviations from normal conditions. Among these are the symptoms of the onset of discharge accompanied by itching or stinging smell. If so, you are experiencing vaginal discharge was a sign of an infection. To fix this, you need a drug that works according to the cause of vaginal discharge. 

Type Discharge  
Whitish normal (physiological) usually occurs in the fertile period, ie the time before or at the end of the menstrual period, characterized by a clear liquid, odorless, and not excessive. While pathological vaginal discharge is usually marked with colored liquid, can be white, yellowish, greenish, sometimes mixed with blood, and with foul smelling.
Fasiologis vaginal discharge is normal and will subside by itself so the cycle “coming months” ends. However, pathological vaginal discharge will not go away on its own without proper treatment. In fact, your condition would worsen if allowed to drag on.
Parasites Cause Pathological Whitish  
The disease can occur due to certain fungi and bacteria, as well as a virus that causes sexually transmitted diseases. Parasites cause of vaginal discharge include:
1. Candida fungus
Whitish caused by the fungus Candida is usually asymptomatic, white liquid like milk, oral sex inflamed area and will get worse if carded because whiteness is also cause itching. Women are susceptible to fungal Candida vaginal discharge are pregnant women, women with a history of diabetes, birth control pills, and women who weakened stamina. 
 2. Parasites trichoma vaginalis 
Be careful if you frequently use public toilets, often exchanging toiletries, or sexual promiscuity, because you are prone to esophageal whitish due trichoma vaginalis parasite. Whitish This type is characterized by the following symptoms: discharge thick frothy yellow-green and fishy odor issue. When whiteness attacked because the parasite sexual activity would be disrupted because the patient will feel pain hole sex when depressed. 
3. Bacteria Gardnella 
Gardnella bacteria is the cause of vaginal discharge that often occurs in people who have a lot of partners in a sexual relationship. The characteristics of this bacterium is a whitish color due to discharge from the genital gray, frothy, and smelled rancid. These bacteria can develop into sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea. 
4. Virus 
Condyloma virus, herpes, and HIV / AIDS cause vaginal discharge with characteristics: discharge from the genital smelling and accompanied by itching too hot. Sometimes it can happen in a rut genital sores or small pimples arise. In the most severe situations, this viral infection can develop into cancerous womb.
When you are attacked by a whitish, usually a doctor will do an examination in advance by taking a sample of fluid and laboratory examination to ascertain the types of microorganisms cause. That way, the doctor will be able to provide the proper medication and effective whitish to address health problems that you are experiencing.
As a precautionary measure whiteness of the disease, should be careful in using the public toilet facilities, keep female organs to be diligent in changing clothes and not wear pads or tampons more than 4 hours. Trim your pubic hair regularly to avoid moisture that may be fertile ground for the growth of bacteria. Rather than cope with drug whitish vaginal discharge, would not it be better if you prevent it, is not it?

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