Did you know Mangosteen Fruit Benefits for Health and Skin?

Who does not know the mangosteen fruit? The tropical fruit known for its fragrant aroma, unique shape and fresh sweet and sour taste. However, did you know that the benefits of the mangosteen fruit is also very abundant? Neither flesh nor skin appeared to have efficacy and even nutritional supplements for our health.
Mangosteen Benefits  
Mangosteen fruit contains a lot of water can be a release thirst on a hot afternoon. If the terms of nutrients, mangosteen fruit contains vitamin C, which is well known as an essential element to maintain the body of a weak auto immune related diseases such as flu, colds, heartburn and ulcers.
One of the uniqueness of the mangosteen fruit is diuretic effect (to urinate) people feel after consuming it. Thus, if you eat a lot of fruit mangosteen, can avoid kidney disease because the process of urination becomes smooth. Of course this must be balanced with lots of drinking and do not hold back urine.
Other benefits of the mangosteen fruit is to maintain digestive health. Fiber content can help the intestine to absorb nutrients better, making the process more smoothly sewerage and bowel movements become irregular. For the long term, the mangosteen fruit can help you lose weight more effectively because your digestive system healthy.
Then, the mangosteen fruit contains compounds catechin and antimikorbial that can lower the risk of heart disease and even cancer. Not surprisingly, if the mangosteen fruit juice lately been promoted as a cure for various diseases, including diseases degenartif.
Skin Benefits of Mangosteen  
In addition to fruit, mangosteen skin now also won popularity as a health supplement. Mangosteen natural antioxidants accumulate in the skin turns a lot of it is colored purple or reddish. Here are some of the benefits of mangosteen peel contains compounds:
1. Functions of protective antioxidants and free radicals as well as diseases related to weak auto immune condition. That means, there is a decreased risk of heart disease and skin cancer. It is derived from anthocyanin substances. 
2. Functions anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. It is derived from the group of xanthone compounds, especially alpha mangostin. 
3. Barrier function and lowering the risk of hemorrhoids diarrhea and other gastrointestinal related diseases. It is derived from tannins. 
4. Antibacterial function. Mangosteen skin are known to have compounds that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus bacterial strains resistant penicillin famous.
Some of the benefits of mangosteen peel mangosteen and other fruits have also been applied to a wide range of beauty products such as dietary supplements, soap and facial soap. This is because the mangosteen extract is known to soften the skin, reduce the adverse effects of free radicals on skin tone and reduce acne.
Mangosteen Fruit Consumption
To get the fullest benefits of the mangosteen fruit, it is recommended to consume 3 grams of mangosteen regularly every day or every 2 days. However, the mangosteen fruit can be hard to find because it includes seasonal fruit. In addition, consumption of more than 3 grams per day can cause indigestion due to excessive intake of tannin content.

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